AI Developers Take Note: The Bartender of the Future Will Probably Be a Robot

The Creation of Niq

Each year, this digital experience agency holds a “Hackathon,” during which developers step away from their major projects to work on the ideas that excite them and demonstrate the power of emerging technologies. In 2016, the result was Kontrol, an app for Tesla vehicles. In 2017, the team created Niq.

What Makes Niq Work

Again, Niq relies on many different technologies to function. In order to recognize customers, Niq is equipped with Microsoft vision facial verification. To take orders or respond to commands, Siri translates voice to text, so Niq’s AI can more easily interpret the request.

Potential Uses

Although the idea of a robotic bartender may seem like science fiction, in reality it’s highly likely these types of products will be common in the near future. As the data below indicates, experts in the technology industry believe that innovations like machine learning and the Internet of Things are poised to have a major impact on customer experiences over the next several years.



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